The Las Cruces Police Athletic League (PAL) is a non-profit organization that - for over 40 years - has been taking "at-risk" youth off the streets, off drugs, out of gangs and teaching them discipline through boxing. PAL has transformed the attitude of many kids and young adults and in the process created several state, national and world champions.


In 1972 our Las Cruces chapter of the Police Athletic League (PAL) was established by Ben "Chico" Segura and soon after taken over by Sammy Burke. The goal was to provide a venue for low income, troubled kids to have a place were they can get a chance to succeed. Under the leadership of Burke and the many coaches, our program was successful and continues to be successful. 


Today we strive to continue producing great athletes and more importantly model citizens. We also hope to get the attention from the community that our kids deserve. We also hope to find ways to keep our program funded. Las Cruces PAL is a non-profit organization with volunteer coaches who work with the kids in the program. Every year is a struggle to keep the program going financially. With the help and support of our current donors and our ongoing efforts to recruit new donors, we can continue mentoring and coaching the PAL kids. If you want to learn how you can help please click HERE